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          1. Silicone glass baking mat
            Silicone kitchenware
            Silicone bread mold
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            Suzhou Aoke Rubber Technology Co.,Ltd.professional R & D production and sales of silica gel using the western kitchen, with European and American design concept and technology, multiple sets of imported advanced production equipment, with the production technology and quality system is mature and stable, with good foreign technical team of senior and a number of invention patents, products and services through a number of professional certification the detection mechanism. AOKE silicone kitchenware, AOKE silica gel glass baking mat sold worldwide especially in Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, by the high-end restaurants and shopping malls supermarkets pursued. Company law was: "high quality, low cost, quasi delivery" business principles; committed to continue to meet the vast number of old and new customers different levels of demand.

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