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          1. 硅膠玻纖烤墊
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            check and accept silicone fiberglass baking mat

            Summer has just passed, autumn comes, the harvest season, the company all staff a total, overtime to catch up with the German customer acceptance of the goods on time.

            silicone fiberglass baking mat
            Using food grade silicone raw materials, In the middle of the products,the glass fiber layer helps to strengthen the silica gel tear properties.The characteristics of non-stick, temperature resistant make this better for production of baking food.It also can be used as a mat, table mat, heat insulation pad, dough pad, cake baking sheet,Pizza sheet,silicone fiberglass mat and so on.It is an indispensable items in the kitchen, the surface can be printied arbitrary patterns according to the requirements.
            The main characteristics.
            The working temperature of -70 ℃ -280 ℃.
            High strength, good flexibility.
            . the abrasion resistance of the good, the surface friction coefficient is 0.05-0.1, a small dielectric constant.
            . anti-aging, does not burn, resistance to high viscosity.
            . resistance to various edible acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive.
            . products comply with FDA, LFGB.
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